The Jackwagon party game plus the Extreme Expansion Pack

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LIMITED TIME ONLY!!! Your purchase includes one copy of Jackwagon, A party game for the deranged, with the Extreme Expansion Pack included! Be the envy of all your friends and introduce them to the game and community of Jackwagons. The Extreme pack is for Extreme Jackwagons Only and should be approached with caution.

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About the Jackwagon party game

The hottest new board game on the market today is the Jackwagon party game! Jackwagon is an adult party game to play with friends who like big laughs. Become part of the Jackwagon Community by purchasing the game and seeing what all the buzz is about. First, to be an original Jackwagon game owner simply click the link. Next, you will be able to invite your friends for this hilarious party game which is certain to create lots of belly laughs while keeping you entertained with every turn of a card. Lastly, the game is designed to push the limits of your comfort zone to the laughter and delight of your friends. As a result, Jackwagon is raising the bar for game night entertainment. What are you waiting for? The fun starts from the moment the first card is played.

Box Contents

Jackwagon Deck with over 70 unique challenges
A stack of play money (Badonka Dollars) with 4 denominations
The Jackwagon EXTREME Expansion Pack which can be shuffled into the main Jackwagon deck (Caution: For EXTREME Jackwagons ONLY)
One sheet of game rules
Box Weight: 1 lb 5.5 oz.
Box Dimensions: 5.5 in x 4.5 in x 2.5 in

Where did the term Jackwagon come from? The origin of Jackwagon goes back to the early 1900’s.

Look here Jackwagon wannabe! Deep down, you know you are a Jackwagon. However, so many people try to deny it. Moreover, this has always been part of who you really are inside. Therefore, playing the party game of Jackwagon is just one more way to let the people around you know, in a very subtle way, your truth is being revealed. Just like the hats, t-shirts and koozies, the game announces your presence as an authority on the game of Jackwagon and immediately alerts anyone who has heard of or played the game of Jackwagon, that you might just be an Extreme Jackwagon. As a result, fellow Jackwagons will share affirmative winks, head nods, even a high five or two, as people see your Jackwagon game and JackSwag and say to themselves, with a hint of jealousy, I want a Jackwagon game! I am a Jackwagon too!?!? Next, just look at them with a smile that says, YES! I know my truth! And if you dare to step up to the challenges in the Jackwagon Extreme game pack, you will no longer be able to stop smiling as you stand proudly and proclaim your well-deserved title of Extreme Jackwagon.
In other words, keep being you, Jackwagon!

Additional information

Weight 22 oz
Dimensions 5.5 × 4.25 × 2.25 in

1 review for The Jackwagon party game plus the Extreme Expansion Pack

  1. Ron Robinson

    I am now rated the #1 host in the neighborhood due the the madness of Jackwagon. Thank you!

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