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Gather 4-10 Shameless Friends and tell the Desiganated JackTeller to distribute $50,000 BADONKA DOLLARS to each player.

Set a Timer for 90 Minutes

The player with the largest feet goes first!

Initiate a Turn

Draw a card from the deck or accept a JACK-Offer

Complete a challenge

 or Present a JACK-Offer!

The player with the most BADONKA DOLLARS at the end of 90 minutes wins!


If you run out of money, you can no longer draw cards from the deck and risk losing your turn. UNLESS, you step up and accept a JACK-OFFER. BOOM! Just like that, you're flushed with cash and back in the game

Tough Luck, JackWagon.

You'll have to wait until it's your turn again or accept a JACK-OFFER. It's all part of playing strategically (and Shamelessly).

Well you've got 2 hands. Pick up the deck and shuffle them.

Or buy an expansion pack!


But, you will have to wait until the end of another players turn.

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